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Online Courses - at your own pace

If you're keen to learn at your own pace with some guidance from yours truly,
you might like to investigate one of the options below: 

30 Days to Better Breath Support course

(start whenever you’re ready)

Where every singer (and wannabe singer) should start.

This course takes you step by step through the foundations of vocal support including how to inhale, train your breath control and sing with fullness without your throat squeezing or adding tension.

Pimp Your Voice eCourse

(next open in March 2020)

If you want to dive deep into singing technique, this is the course for you.

Want to smooth out your vocal break, create lighter and stronger mixes and sing without strain across your range? Yep. you'll want to check this course out.

You can also include personalised feedback and assistance.



Singing Survivor

One of the most cost effective and social ways of working with me.

This is like a tasting platter of training - a mixture of technique, practice, performance and mindset which is catered to a small group of singers and hosted in a private Facebook group.

It includes personal feedback on practice videos you submit, accountability (to make sure you commit to practicing) and weekly live training sessions from yours truly.


The Much Less Tortured Artist Coaching Program

(next round Jan 2020)

For those singers who are desperate to create more music with less overwhelm, fear and doubt.

3 months of soul searching, habit changing, passion amping and inspired action to make sure you’re spending your time on what truly matters (and enjoying it)!