One of the number one complaints I hear from singers is that vocal exercises are SUPER BORING.

That is exactly why Not Your Average exercises were created, so that warm ups become something you WANT to do rather than a chore you want to avoid at all costs.



  • Skip over your warm ups because the thought of going through another boring arpeggio makes you want to gag?
  • Feel as though the exercises you're using are too basic?
  • Want exercises that actually follow the melodic patterns that are used in contemporary songs?


Imagine transforming your warm up sessions from being the time you spend being bored out of your brain before the fun stuff to an enjoyable part of your practice session that you actually look forward to.


If you had exercises you actually LIKED using, you would practice more often instead of skipping them and then feeling guilty about it.

Having warms ups that feel fresh and are closer to the songs you're trying to sing motivates you more to work on them.

When you upgrade to exercises that challenge you, you're able to stay more focused and make faster progress.

Enter Not Your Average Exercises.

These babies were created to keep you interested and curious, to challenge your technical ability and in some cases to encourage you to dance a little.


Basic exercises are great for training your voice but sometimes you want something with a little FLAVOUR.

  • These exercises are based on popular contemporary songs so you're not singing through patterns that seem useless to your genre.
  • Each exercise is introduced by me with a little tip on what to focus on technique-wise and how to approach it so you don't feel lost when giving it a go yourself.
  • There are 8 tracks inspired by artists such as Queen, Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé and Mumford and Sons which take you across around two octaves (males sing down the octave).
  • As soon as you purchase, you're able to download the full set (and you'll be sent an email with an additional link just in case).

If you'd like a sneak peek, you can hear my take on Beyoncé's Single Ladies below.


So if you're keen to replace your stale, worn out exercises with something more challenging, useful and interesting (with technique tips to boot)... 

these are for you.