Singing lessons for people who want a fair amount of fun thrown in with their learning. Vocal coaching based in Melbourne but also available internationally via Skype. Online courses for singers who would like to learn in their pajamas.

Want to blow your own mind when you hear yourself sing?

Of course you do. It’s why you’d end up on a site like this in the first place.

Well let’s get to work showing you what’s possible for your voice and wrangling that self doubt, shall we?


I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark here and assume that your voice doesn’t sound as phenomenal as you’d like it to.

And you’re not really sure how to get it there OR whether or not that’s even an option.

Maybe you’ve never had a singing lesson in your life

but you’re already feeling overwhelmed after the research you’ve been doing.

Maybe you’ve been hunched over for days in a YouTube hole

trying to make sense of all the teaching videos that are out there and ending up feeling more confused than ever.

Or you’ve had singing lessons before and things just didn’t really “click”.

Spending hours and hours just getting more discouraged and frustrated without the dazzling voice to show for it.

Oof, I’ve been there and I feel you. Don’t worry, we’re going to point you in the right direction.


The most important thing I want you to know IS:

(even if you run screaming from my site because the yellow is far too intense for your eyes)

It’s not you, it’s the way you’ve been taught.

It’s the way techniques and ideas have been explained to you.

You’re not stupid. It’s not that your voice isn’t capable of great things.

It’s that you weren’t shown HOW in a way that made sense to you. And that’s NOT on you.

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I'm a singing teacher / vocal coach / whatever fancy schmancy name you want to give me - I help people wrangle their voices into shape in person and via Skype from my studio in Melbourne.

Most of what I do in singing lessons and in my courses involves getting you out of their own way and highlighting what you've already got.

You may think you sound like a dying cat, but I can guarantee that cat can be revived.

So take a look around, I have bucketloads of free content to explore.

Bite-sized singing training videos, blog posts on both vocal technique and developing confidence around singing, information about one on one lessons with me and a shop full of goodies to help you build that voice of yours.

I want to be helpful right from the get go, so which best describes you (so I can show you the most useful free stuff for you)?




Sure, a singing lesson gift voucher is some people's worst nightmare, but lots of daring, creative, wish-they-were-around-more-because-they're-so-amazing people would LOVE one. Wink wink, nudge nudge...

You can gift them in person lessons if they’re in Melbourne (I teach from Elwood) OR Skype lessons if they’re further away.

Or some cash money credit towards anything in the Shop.

If this is just what you've been looking for to save you a birthday gift giving panic attack, head right this way