Why Do I Run Out of Breath When I Sing?


Why is that that when you watch your favourite singer performing live that they look completely relaxed and you feel as though you’re about to pass out?

Don’t worry, that’s completely normal for anyone starting to learn to sing.

It’s because when we’re starting out, we don’t often know that we have to change the way we breathe for singing, so we breathe the way we always have.

  • This means we take shallow breaths into our chest (you can see this if you watch yourself in the mirror, your chest and shoulders will rise when you inhale).

  • Add to this that we don’t tend to control the release of this air - we let it rush out much faster than we should be and/or try to control it in the wrong way (you’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever had a sore or tight throat/chest while you sing).


The good news? It’s 100% fixable and isn’t that hard.

The bad news? it takes quite a lot of focus and dedicated practice.

Most people want to skip ahead to learning about other pieces of the singing puzzle, so they stop paying attention to it. Then those old habits come back in full force and you’re back where you started.

In order to change the physical habit of breathing shallowly, taking in too much air and releasing it too quickly, we need to practice this over and over and over again.

You’ll need to be thinking about it every step of the way for a number of weeks until it becomes the new habit.


Luckily I have a couple of videos that talk you through what your new inhale should feel like and a couple of exercises to start control the exhale (the release of air).

You’ll want to be doing these regularly to strengthen the muscles that help to control that airflow.


Would you like some extra help on getting your breath to work FOR you not AGAINST you when you sing?

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